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trailer break: ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ teaser

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

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If someone told me they were remaking the classic 1950s flick and asked me who would be the best actor working today to play the mysterious and laconic alien visitor, I would have said, in an instant, Keanu Reeves. I can’t imagine a better choice. Seriously. He’s gonna be great in the part.

I’ve heard some other fans complain about changing the premise of this movie away from an antinuke thing to an anti-global warming thing. A nuclear-armed Earth posed a threat to spacefaring civilizations, or so the idea behind the first film went, but “why would aliens care,” the current complaint seems to go, “whether we kill ourselves by killing our environment?” I suspect, somehow, that this new movie will deal with that issue. Call me crazy, but doesn’t that seem to be a matter of suspense for us to feel, you know, suspenseful about? Why would aliens care if we cook our homeworld? Do they just want the planet for themselves? Maybe they’re religious about keeping planets nice for everyone to enjoy? Maybe it’s a morality thing: we may have to right to commit species suicide, but no fair taking all the pandas and polar bears and rattlesnakes and bumblebees with us.

I’m not saying the film will answer this question well — it may not. But it does seem a bit premature to worry about it.

The Day the Earth Stood Still opens December 12.

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