trailer break: ‘Battle in Seattle’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

Oh noes! Librul Hollywood eleet celebri-communists strike again with their pinko nonsense! How will the globalcorps survive this onslaught? *swoon* Someone get me my Baa-Baa-Sheeple Brand Smelling Salts(TM)!

Battle in Seattle opens in limited release on September 19.

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Fri, Aug 15, 2008 10:28pm

I’m with that one guy. “The BATTLE in Seattle?” Speaking as a resident of Seattle since 1992, I take exception to the idea that it changed the city forever. Sure I remember people across from the North Seattle office I worked in carrying picket signs and waiting for the bus downtown that morning, and I remember the local news reports about protest over whether or not to release those arrested for civil disobedience that day, but I also remember thinking the national news sensationalized it quite a bit more.

…And quite honestly that’s all I remember about it. Well, that and friends across the country asking if I was alright and my laughing that of course I was. :)