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trailer break: ‘Midnight Meat Train’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

I can see only the trailer for this flick, because even though it opens today it is not opening in New York City, and hasn’t even been screened here, to my knowledge. It does have two reviews, though, both positive, at Rotten Tomatoes, so some critics have seen it. Still, there’s a difference between a legitimate “limited release” and the sneaky act of “burying a flick,” and — those two positive reviews notwithstanding — not opening a movie in New York City (because of a belief that the New York critics are guaranteed to trash it) pretty much constitutes “burying a flick.”

So it’s no wonder that while this trailer looks like it wants me to be terrified of ever getting on the subway again, and of ever eating a hamburger again, it fails to do so. Maybe the movie doesn’t fail. But that trailer combined with the whiff of buryage doesn’t lend much hope.

Midnight Meat Train opens today in limited release.

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