trailer break: ‘Quantum of Solace’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

Ooo, James Bond is shadowy and mysterious! And griefstricken! And out for revenge! I bet he’s so mad he kills someone in an inventive way.

Oh, and he’s gonna be shirtless.

Quantum of Solace opens November 7.

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Karen R
Karen R
Mon, Aug 04, 2008 5:36pm

Woo-hoo! Seeing this before “The Dark Knight” a couple of weeks ago was another high moment.

I didn’t expect the “revenge” angle either. I thought the next adventure would have taken place long after the Vespa tragedy. So this is really interesting.

Diving into the Unknown is always good! (Especially when you’re shirtless. Bestill my … heart.)

Xiphoid Process
Xiphoid Process
Tue, Aug 05, 2008 1:59am

Check. Check. Check.

I especially like the idea of having a little continuity with the adventures of Bond. Sure beats having to introduce new villains and paramours without ever getting the chance to talk and think about what’s come before.

But what’s with the title, which surely has to be the franchise’s worst since Octopussy?

Tue, Aug 05, 2008 10:46am

I kinda dig the title. It acknowledges the pain – physical, psychological – that Bond experienced in Casino Royale and points to the scrap of relief he will find as he grows into the James Bond of earlier films and does so using some slick words. Of course, I could be way off. I’m just guessing.

Xiphoid Process
Xiphoid Process
Wed, Aug 06, 2008 1:50am

The bloke also came up with “The Hildebrand Rarity” and the ingeniously-monikered “007 in New York” for titles. Just ’cause it squeaked out of Fleming’s brain one summer in Jamaica doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Coming up next, the .

Xiphoid Process
Xiphoid Process
Wed, Aug 06, 2008 1:51am

Planck Constant of Consolation.

Wed, Aug 06, 2008 1:13pm

Or *The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Grief.*

Wed, Aug 06, 2008 2:44pm

But Bond can have total knowledge of how griefstricken he is and know how fast the Aston Martin is going at the same time. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how Heisenberg Uncertainty applies here. And the Planck constant has units of (energy)x(time) while Consolation has units of tears. I don’t think it’ll work.

Oh, yeah – I am that bored at work.