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trailer break: ‘Twilight’ teaser

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

Ohmigod, my vampire boyfriend is like the hottest thing evAH!

In other news, how old am I, that there’s another thing the kids are all into that I’ve never even heard of?

Twilight opens December 12.

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  • I know I’m still just bitter the show was cancelled, but all I think when I see this is “I already saw this story, it was Moonlight, and it was already good then.”

    But I’m sure I’m not in the age demographic this movie is targeting. :)

  • BIll

    I am A LOT younger than you and I just heard of ‘Twilight’ about 8 seconds ago. I just read something about a choice between a vampire boyfriend and a werewolf boyfriend. Forgive me, but that sounds kinda awesome.

  • PaulW

    Great. Another emo vampire teen romance novel done up movie style.

  • JoshB

    Wow, he’s like Lestat minus the personality, charisma and moral ambiguity. What’s not to ‘love’?

    I want to introduce the whole cast of characters to Salma Hayek, Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin across the border at the Titty Twister…

  • I just finished watching that and I swear I heard some girls scream outside.

  • MontyGurl

    Don’t even get me started on Twilight. Honestly, the passionate rage I feel towards my generation when I think that hordes of teenagers lined up to buy Breaking Dawn (the fourth and last book in the saga) at midnight is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Not only is the prose awful, the characters completely devoid of personalities, and the plot a mish-mash of wish fulfillment, but Edward sparkles. He literally sparkles. When he walks, he shimmers, presumably due to his vampire awesomeness. Or his total-hotness.

    All of my friends have read these books, or at least the first one. Most of my good friends share my opinion on them, but I can’t count how many times I’ve had to politely bow out of a conversation about books rather than insult an acquaintance by bashing their favorite novels.

    *deep breath* I could go on for a long time. Point is, I am not excited about this movie.

  • My teenage sisters think this series is the shizz, but i read the first one and can’t help agreeing with MontyGurl.

    I actually quite like Bella, the main character, but Edward is such a wanker. I can’t for the life of me understand why she would be interested in him.

    I imagine the film will have to inject some action scenes, cos the book is surprisingly lacking when it comes to its super-powered characters. There’s a lot of looking deep into each others’ eyes, and pining when she’s not around him.

  • MontyGurl

    To me, it seemed that Bella had no personality aside from whining about her life and pining for Edward. It was pretty disgusting.

    Btw, I hadn’t read the article to which this linked when I wrote my first comment. I mention this because it definitely looks like I stole the phrase “fourth and final book in the saga”, but that just has to be a coincidence, or maybe just a case of me using a very hackneyed phrase.

  • Mimi

    He *sparkles*? Seriously? Now, there is a quality we don’t see enough of in literature: sparkliness.

    Or in real life, for that matter.

  • brad

    I work at Barnes and Noble, which is where I heard of this series. Since we’ve been promoting it, I decided to give it a chance. I have to agree that there wasn’t much to the first book. It was mindless reading though, so it went quickly. I didn’t think much of Edward either: flawless is a bad thing in a character, to me at least.

    Second book, New Moon, however, solves that problem fairly early on and introduces Jacob, who to me is a much more sympathetic character.. though I’m a sucker for the underdog and the unrequited. Bella actually grows as a character too, which is nice now that I think about it.. a lot of authors tend to get their hero(ine)s the way they want them and then leave them alone.

    Third book, Eclipse, is the classic love triangle, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s certainly the most entertaining book if you’ve engaged with the series by now.

    Fourth book, the one that was just released, is where I was actually pretty impressed, at least with the first half. Half the fun of a love triangle, for me at least, is how the author’s going to choose a side without pissing off half of her fan base, and her solution here was both unique and unexpected, to me at least : ) Problem is, there’s the other half of the book left.. which deals with basically vampire superheros v. vampire supervillains, and it’s not really all that clever or engaging.

    Anyway, only reason I felt compelled to pipe up here (as a mid-20s male, outside the typical Twilight demographic), is to say don’t judge the rest of the series by the first book. It gets better.

  • Melzy

    Its a 9th grade thing…. My ninth grade students (all females) *love* it. I have to confiscate the books in Math class as all they do is sit around swooning about falling in love with a Vampire.

    Excuse me, i already did that with Angel, and that didn’t work out well.

  • PaulW

    To be fair to the author, I’ve heard good things about her non-vamp book, The Host.

  • Dan

    A friend recommended me the books and I started reading them last Wednesday. I agree that it’s awful — the dialogue is really cheesy, and I can’t help but cringe at some points. But, even though it’s bad, it has the whole “fall in love with the vampire” thing. It worked for Buffy, it works here, if you can/are willing to indulge yourself a few moments of adolescent romantic fluff.

    Besides, it does feature a lot of implied sexual stuff between the hot vampire and the girl, so it’s automatically better than any Harry Potter book out there. I’m looking foward for the movie!

  • Alli

    I was suckered into reading the first book. It was so horrible, I threw the book across the room in disgust during the epilogue when the “heroine” (if you can even call her that), exclaimed, “Like OMG, you r totally taking me to the Prom. LuLz.”

    Personally, the story reminds me way too much of the old WB show Roswell (replace vampires with aliens), which, despite being horribly overthetop and bad, it is still a thousand times better than Twilight.

    Brad, It’s hard for me to continue to put my hard earned money into a series of books when I find the writing and the overall message of the story to be so horrible. As a feminist, I’m annoyed by a vapid heroine who only care about her boyfriend’s good looks, despite the fact that he stalks her in the middle of the night and never listens to a word she says. See girls, it’s okay to damn yourself to eternal hell when your immortal boyfriend is so dang sexy.

    Dan, not sure why people compare the HP series with Twilight when they are two different genres. I understand the fandom/phenomenon comparisons, but I dont see why people feel the need to compare the actually plots, etc. If you feel like young adult, romantic crap is more interesting than a hero’s tale, good for you.

  • JoshDM

    Hey BillM, I liked “Moonlight” better when it first came out and they called it “Forever Knight”.

    Yeah, I went there. Just hopped right over “Angel”.

  • Gemma

    At least, it’s a much better way for teens to spend their time than watching, I don’t know, Hannah Montana. I like the fact that kids are all over these books instead of TV, for once. My little sister loves it and, while I pretty much hated these books, I enjoy seeing her discuss these characters with her friends, and even writing fanfics about them..

    And, yes, the comparision with Harry Potter is nonsensical. It’s just two different books, HP beign ten times better.

  • Hey BillM, I liked “Moonlight” better when it first came out and they called it “Forever Knight”.

    Yeah, I went there. Just hopped right over “Angel”.

    I’ve never watched either. I’m actually not a vampire genre person, but Sophia Myles is one of those that I’ll at least look at any project they do regardless, just because they’re in it.

  • JoshB

    Yeah, I went there. Just hopped right over “Angel”.

    It’s ok, we can’t all have good taste in vampire stories.

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