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trailer break: ‘Nothing Like the Holidays’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

It’s every ain’t-my-family-crazy-at-Christmas movie you’ve ever seen, except this crazy-family-that’s-just-like-every-other-family is Hispanic. This is what we call progress.

Nothing Like the Holidays opens wide December 12.

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    This trailer brings up too many conflicting things for me. I don’t like Debra Messing, and its kind of a generic christmas/family movie. But it’s got a bill withers song, along with freddy rodriguez, luis guzman, alfred molina, and john leguizamo, all of whom I enjoy in films.

  • 47 years since West Side Story and Hollywood is just now realizing that Puerto Ricans celebrate Christmas too. Wow! Nothing gets past those guys…

    Seriously, I have mixed feelings about this movie too. It looks more promising than Four Christmases though that’s not saying much. (Me gusta Reese Witherspoon but she really has to start picking better scripts.) And it’s good to see so many Latino actors and actresses on the big screen, including my beloved Elizabeth Peña.

    But Elizabeth’s aged so much since Tortilla Soup and Resurrection Blvd.. And people like her who were born in my birthyear aren’t supposed to look like they’re old enough to play grandmothers. Ay Dios!

    And by now, I’m used to the fact that Latinos on the big screen are always going to bear little resemblance–if any–to the ones I know in real life, but geez, does Rick Najera have to write like he’s on a mission to make Ugly Betty look like social realism?

    Yes, I know. I should shut up and thank God it’s not Beverly Hills Chihuahua II. Plus I actually liked Najera’s work in Latinologues. Some of it, anyway.

    So maybe this is progress. Maybe.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  • rick najera

    I’m glad you liked latinologues but this film is a great story of a latino family. I have seen it with audiences and they love this film. It’s a rich film made with everyone who was involved’s family in mind. This family may be a latino family but everyone will recognise there family in it. It’s just one latino story there are 45,million more to tell. Go see it opening night if you want hollywood to make more. The film deserves it
    Rick Najera

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