5 reasons I’d like to be psyched for ‘Bolt’

I look out across the seared moviescape that is November — bereft of a Harry Potter movie to be psyched for — and I’m finding it hard to find 5 movies I’m genuinely excited about. I found 3 to talk about last week, but I’m having to fake it a bit for these last 2. Here’s 5 reasons why I’d like to be excited about No. 4 (but am having trouble with): Bolt [opens wide November 21].
1. It’s a Disney animated movie. I remember the days when this was something to be thrilled at the prospect of: the days of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King and Toy Story. But then Howard Ashman died, nevermore to write beautiful lyrics, and Pixar took off on its own, and things haven’t been the same since. On the other hand, I was in a minority in actually liking Disney’s most recent toons, Meet the Robinsons and Chicken Little, so perhaps I’m wrong to temper my optimism. And hey, wait! Disney just gave us Wall-E, which will be hard to beat as one of this year’s best films, animated or not. Except… Disney only distributed that one, and did not, in fact, have a hand in producing it (ditto for last year’s Ratatouille). So I’ll stick with my tempered optimism for the moment.

2. Miley Cyrus? Ugh. I’d say I was grateful that it’s just her voice, and not her annoying tween bubbliness we have to deal with, but I’m not all that impressed with her voice, either.

3. John Travolta. Was his drag performance in Hairspray enough of an indication that he has a sense of humor about himself to pull off the voice of a dog?

4. A dog who thinks he’s a superhero because he plays one on TV? I’m seeing a lot of reasons to pick this apart… like, doesn’t Bolt have a stunt dog? Doesn’t he notice that he spends most of his day in front of a green screen? I know, I know: I’m being picky. I’ll trust that the writers know what they’re doing and hope they don’t crush all semblance of reality out of their movie about a talking dog.

5. The crazy-eyed little hamster is adorable. Nope, no caveats: he’s just cute as a demented button.

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