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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson


It’s not quite movie related, except for the several lovely film and TV adaptations, but…

So wonderful! What if the characters of Pride and Prejudice had had access to Facebook? If might look something like this:

(There’s much more, of course.)

This clever parody/pastiche is by DeeDee Baldwin, and was inspired by Sarah Schmelling’s Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition), which is not, I must say, half as witty as Austenbook.

via Very Short List

(This is crossposted at the blog of Cosimo, the boutique book publisher I work for when I’m not doing movie stuff. If you’re a book lover and have any interest in reading my thoughts on the state of the publishing industry — and also like hearing about interesting and weird new and new-old books like the kind we publish — you may wish to check it out.)

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