trailer break: ‘Fanboys’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

Well, I hate to say that this trailer spoils some of the best jokes, but it’s true. The appearances of William Shatner, “Harry Knowles” (that’s not actually Knowles)… though I suppose you’d learn about all the geek-appeal cameos and jokes anyway: there’s no way they’d be kept secret even if anyone involved with the film wanted them to be kept secret.

On the other hand, the jokes of the cameos are more complicated than the simple spoilers like we get in the trailer can ruin. This is a smarter, sweeter, deeper movie than this hints at. Sure, the film can’t not be goofy, but it’s a more heartfelt story of friendship and fannishness than you’d expect. I, at least, was pleasant surprised.

Fanboys opens in the U.S. on February 6; no U.K. release date has been announced yet.

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