trailer break: ‘New in Town’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

See, cuz women are hilarious when they’re spoiled-rotten high-powered something-or-others and bone stupid all at the same time. She doesn’t know what snow is? I mean this quite sincerely, and not at all facetiously: Is Renee Zellweger supposed to be mentally retarded here?

Also, cuz Minnesotans are a riot. You betcha.

But — heh — the joke will be on her! She’ll fall in love with Harry Connick Jr. and then she’ll have to stay in that awful place with the strange white stuff on the ground!

See, cuz I’m psychic. I have awesome movie critic powers given to me in a hideously evil government experiment — like what they did you Wolverine, you betcha — that allow me to know how movies are gonna end just from watching the trailer.

But shhhh! Don’t tell anybody or my secret will be out.

New in Town opens in the U.S. on January 30 and in the U.K. on February 27.

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