bias update

obsession: the plays of William Shakespeare (cuz he never goes out of style)
boyfriend: Clive Owen in Duplicty
psyched: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (it’s gonna suck but Hugh Jackman will be half naked through half of it)
girl crush: Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning
dreading: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman will be half naked through half of it but it’s gonna suck)
enemy: everyone responsible for Knowing (but particularly Alex “Don’t Call Me M. Night Shyamalan” Proyas)
It’s the first new addition to the Bias Meter since I implemented it: girl crush. Cuz the gals don’t get enough recognition, sometimes even not from a gal critic and geek like me, and the especially cool ones deserve a shoutout.

My Shakespeare addiction has just gotten worse, because I just got an iPod Touch, and the first app I downloaded was a thing that offers every single word we know to attribute to the Bard: all the plays, all the poems, all the sonnets. Now I can read it all, anywhere I want, all the time. It’s like giving drugs to a junkie.

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