MaryAnn wearing a red nose in the middle of Park Avenue

This is it! Today is Red Nose Day! I won’t promise I’ll stop bugging you to make donations to Comic Relief after today — I may keep that up over the weekend and into next week — but I promise that I will stop assaulting you with terrible photos of me wearing my red nose all over New York after today.

Here I am in the middle of Park Avenue.
There’s gonna be a slew of these photos today.

Don’t forget that you can win some cool Red Nose Day gear from me if you donate.

Please make me feel like less of a fool by donating £5 (or whatever you can) to help combat poverty all over the globe via Red Nose Day/Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day is a British event, but you don’t have to be in the U.K. to give money, and you don’t have to give a lot: even one pound will make a difference.

Please donate via my fundraising page at Red Nose Day.

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