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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

MaryAnn wearing a red nose near Symphony Space

Look at this photo. I look like hell. I look like I’m stoned or something. (I promise that I wasn’t.) I’ll never ever get another date again with this photo out there in the Internet ether.

If I’m willing to post this hideous photo of me looking like something that would terrify small children and/or be used to scare teenagers off whatever you want to scare them off, you can give five lousy stinkin’ pounds — now down to about US$7 as the pound sterling crashes — to charity via Red Nose Day/Comic Relief.
I’m wearing my Red Nose Day red nose all over NYC, making myself look like a fool in public, to raise money to fight poverty all over the world in conjuction with Comic Relief. This is outside Symphony Space, the renowned performance venue on Broadway on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

You cheap bastards, can you not give a few measly quid for a good cause, and to acknowledge, in some small way that in no way rewards me, my making myself the object of public mockery?

You don’t have to be in the U.K. to give money, and you don’t have to give a lot: even one pound will make a difference.

For more info on my particular contributions to Red Nose Day — including info on Red Nose Day prizes you can win from me if you donate to Red Nose Day — go here. Or go directly to my fundraising page at Red Nose Day to donate.

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  • Hello Maryann wearing a red nose near Symphony Space.
    I like this photo of yours around NYC !
    And, by the way, what’s Symphony Space ?

    Ps: you DO look stoned in this picture !!!! LOL

  • Bobbi Alford

    Gosh – your comment, “You cheap bastards, can you not give a few measly quid for a good cause” appealed to my genetically hardwired sense of Jewish guilt! I already made a donation, but this comment made me want to give more. C’mon people, a few measly quid!!!! It’s a great cause and a chance to drool over David Tennant. Who could ask for more?

    p.s. I agree, you do look stoned.

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