trailer break: ‘12 Rounds’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

How is this not Die Hard with a Vengeance, with the tests and the tricks and all? How shameless can they be about reminding you that the whole movie is stolen from another movie?

Or maybe they prefer that you equate this in your head with Die Hard 3, the second best Die Hard, since 12 Rounds director Renny Harlin is responsible for the worst of the original Die Hards, Die Hard 2. I’m surprised the trailer ever makes that connection, but maybe it’s hoping you’ll get confused about which Die Hard was the good one, and which was the sucky one.

Renny Harlin! All his most recent movies have gone straight to DVD, or should have. The Covenant? So bad it’s funny. And Driven is a classic of incoherent filmmaking that made me ache, I laughed so hard.

So maybe 12 Rounds will be worth a few laughs after all.

Although… John Cena is no Bruce Willis. But who is?

12 Rounds opens in the U.S. on March 27, and in the U.K. on May 27.

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Tue, Mar 17, 2009 11:22am

I don’t get all the hate for Die Hard 2. It had some great fight sequences, a halfway-intelligible master scheme, some nice humor and it was set during Christmas, unlike the two duds that followed it. Hell, it even tossed in Hollywood Fred Thompson for some retroactive irony. It was never going to top the original, so what more do you want from a Die Hard sequel?

Tue, Mar 17, 2009 1:56pm

It just wasn’t enjoyable. And I think number 3 is actually pretty good. As for this, it has Tommy Carcetti from the WIRE! and John Cena’s films always seem to have moments of unintended hilarity, so its probably worth a dvd rental.

Thu, Mar 19, 2009 9:45pm

What’s the point of putting John Cena in a movie and then dressing him in not one, but two, shirts?