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trailer break: ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Ooo! British trailers can use the words shitty and cowshit without getting a redband? How grownup!

Ooo, and they can use the word fucking, too? Wow.

What the hell is it with straight guys and lesbians? Dudes: they’re not into you, not matter what dumb movies like this one imply. That’s what lesbian means.

(The movie’s official site has a section called “Lesbian Lapdance,” which entices the surfer with the line “The lusty lasses await you.” Presumably the “you” here does not refer to other lesbians, because, you know, lesbians are only into guys, or something.)

The gay werewolf, though: He might be into you.

This was one of the biggest films in the U.K. last weekend. I guess if they’re more mature about language over there, they’re no more grown up when it comes to sex. Wankers.

Lesbian Vampire Killers opened in the U.K. on March 20; no U.S. release date has been announced.

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