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Keith Olbermann: nuts for teabaggers

I already knew Keith was a geek — every time he makes a Monty Python reference, a dead parrot gets its wings — and hence a hero of mine. But tonight he made what may be his geekiest reference yet. No, it wasn’t about Doctor Who, though I eagerly await that night, but the retelling of a hilarious line of dialogue from the 1980s British sitcom The Young Ones.

Oddly enough, it was not a nod to the fact that one of the Young Ones characters was named Rick, which allowed another character to make constant reference to the “silent P” it surely started with. Because in the first 15 minutes of his broadcast tonight, Olbermann deployed every other pun, twist, allusion, insinuation, and other form of wordplay he could to spin out of terms related to the male sexual organ, and use and operation thereof, to hurl as much ridicule as possible on the “teabaggers” who, um, mounted some halfhearted anti-tax protests today.

Noting that there was a “vas deferens” between the size of liberal anti-war protests of a few years ago and right-wing anti-tax protests of today? Declaring that “you can’t swallow that, it’s pure phallus-y” about some bit of winger idiocy? Awesome.

Maybe Keith is feeling sorry for comedian Glenn Beck, and wanted to show him how it’s done.


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  • Saladinho

    He actually started the pun-palooza last night, and it was funny as hell. The funny thing was, I thought about finding a clip and posting the link to your teabag post, but figured “knowing you” you’d see it soon enough.

  • Alli

    I haven’t been able to watch Olbermann in a awhile. Comcast stuck MSNBC on one of the higher package channels, so I don’t get it. Anyway, Rachel Maddow’s “Insani-Tea” clip on you-tube is pretty hilarious. Sure it’s juvenile and silly, but come on conservatives! Lighten up and laugh at yourselves for once. You’re easy targets.

    Oh, and does anyone else think it’s funny that most of the people who protested were in fact people who will receive tax breaks from Obama? At least that was the case in my home town. I understand complaining about goverment spending (though they forget which administration wrote the first bailout plan). But taxes. Seriously? Conservatives, leave the protesting to us liberals, we’re better at it.

  • Mark

    My favorite comment from last night was Maddow’s remark that the teabaggers were “having a ball” …

  • Pollas

    Keith Olbermann is insane. He’s the left’s Bill O’Reilly or Ann Coulter.

    Conservatives and other political groups have as much a right to protest as liberals do. We all have the right to be obnoxious.

  • Alli

    Pollas, of course they have a right to protest. But, the teabagging connection is pretty funny. Sophomoric, yes, but funny. I personally don’t like all the government bailout spending either, but I think we should be angry and spend our time protesting how we got here in the first place. Let’s hold these mortgage brokers and finance execs accountable. Probably the best way to keep this from happening again is to add more regulations, but most conservatives hate that. So let’s blame it all on Obama instead!

    Keith Olbermann the leftist Ann Coulter? Are you kidding me? I saw a show on evolution where Coulter suggested anyone who believes in evolution is a Nazi. She’s a total nut job. I dislike O’Reilly, but he’s just a blowhard. Olbermann is just as bias and ridiculous. But Coulter is on a completely different level of psycho.

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