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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

“embedding disabled by request”

I cannot tell you how completely insane it makes me to go to YouTube looking for trailers to feature here and to see how many of them have had their “embedding disabled by request.” Or how crazy it makes me to discover that a trailer I embedded in a post a couple of months ago “has been removed” from YouTube “due to terms of use violation.”

Who is forbidding embedding? Who is complaining about terms-of-use violations? It can only be the movie studios. Who else would have reason or authority to do either?

And yet… why on Earth would the studios forbid embedding of their trailers, or otherwise complain about how their trailers are being circulated around the Web? Trailers are ads for movies. They’re advertising. If fans want to freely disseminate trailers — want to give free advertising to studios — who in their right mind would try to shut them down?

I wish I could figure this out. I wish I could figure out how the studios have not already completely imploded from their lack of understanding about how the Internet, social networking, and online word of mouth can work for them.

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