North American box office: ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘Star Trek’ almost neck-and-neck

Just a quick look at last weekend’s numbers before we head into the long holiday weekend:

1. Angels & Demons: $46.2 million
2. Star Trek: $43 million (2nd week; drops 43%)
3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: $14.7 million (3rd week; drops 44%)
4. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: $6.7 million (3rd week; drops 45%)
5. Obsessed: $4.6 million (4th week; drops 30%)

actual numbers, not estimates
My supposition last Friday that Star Trek might beat Angels & Demons did not come to pass, it seems, but the two films did finish up pretty darn close. Trek’s drop of 43 percent was worse than I anticipated, but is still very good, and an excellent indication that the film will have legs over the early summer. (I don’t think Terminator Salvation will present as much of a threat to Trek as it might have if it had been, you know, good.)

Overall business was up only four percent over the same weekend last year — the way the box office has been going gangbusters this year, that’s practically a reversal. It’ll be interesting to see if that flattening remains the case over the summer — maybe summer has always been as busy as it can be, and only the winter and early spring had room for growth.

Wolverine passed $150 million in North America this weekend — and thus earning back its announced production costs — so execs somewhere are breathing a sigh of relief. Other milestones this past weekend: Hannah Montana: The Movie passed $75 million (there’ll be no stopping her now). And The Soloist passed $25 million.

A couple of high-profile limited releases split audiences’ attention, to the detriment of one. Management, the Jennifer Aniston-Steven Zahn stalking romantic dramedy, took in only $375,916 on 212 screens, a per-screen average of a relatively poor $1,773. But the eagerly anticipated The Brothers Bloom, the release of which was delayed multiple times, took in a much more impressive $90,400 on only four screens, for a per-screen of $22,600, the second best of the weekend. (The French film Summer Hours was first — $24,742 on each of 2 screens — with Angels & Demons a distant third, with $13,100 at each of 3,527 venues.)

[numbers via Box Office Mojo]

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