not screening for critics: the 2009 list — latest: ‘Armored,’ ‘Transylmania’

UPDATED 11.30: Just cuz it’s awards season doesn’t mean there isn’t crap to be found… UPDATED 10.16: When will someone make a horror movie that can stand up to the critics? UPDATED 9.21: Another horror movie, not screening for critics… UPDATED 9.09: Two more not-at-all surprising additions to the list… UPDATED 8.21: Shocking news! End-of-August … more…

opening in North America April 24: ‘The Soloist,’ ‘Fighting,’ ‘Obsessed,’ ‘Earth,’ more

opening wide The Soloist: It’s the feel-kinda-queasy-about-how-rotten-we-humans-are movie of the spring! But it’s also the feel-kinda-good-cuz-some-of-us-are-trying-fix-that-too movie of the season! Yea! Fighting: I mean this in all honesty, and not to be mean, but is there something wrong with Channing Tatum? Like, is he kinda, you know, slow? Or is there something wrong with audiences … more…

Obsessed (review)

I cannot tell you how ineptly hilarious this ‘thriller’ is, from its weirdly retro vibe — as if the feminism of the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s had not come between manhunting women and the poor saps they prey on — to its outrageous telegraphing of its “big’ finale.