Rotten Tomatoes commenters are the best!

I should never ever look at the comments people post on Rotten Tomatoes, but sometimes I simply cannot help myself. Here’s a delicious sampling of what RTers are saying in response to my review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… or, more likely, in response to the tiny excerpt from my review that appears at RT, which is:

[L]ike the most totally awesome artifact ever of the end of the American empire… loud, obnoxious, sexist, racist, juvenile, unthinking, visceral, and violent… and in love with ourselves for it. [More]

The most awesome feedback so far:

Leave it to a douchey movie critic to use Transformers to make an idiotic political statement.

You, my dear, are the epitome of high horse riding trash…. You, madam, are a complete idiot. I can’t believe that I even gave you the benefit of a stupid comment on rotten tomatoes.

Its amazing how all of these bad reviews come from people who are too old to be even reviewing movies, the target audience was for people in their 20’s who were fans of the original show. Not crusty old hags who shouldn’t be reviewing movies anyway.

I don’t mind being called names. I actually find it hilarious that anyone thinks name-calling is constructive feedback. What really rankles me is the thought that so few people seem to understand that it’s Michael Bay who is using Transformers to make political statements, even if he doesn’t realize it or it’s accidental, or that even a movie aimed at children and meant to be “mere” entertainment certainly reflects the larger society.

I wish I found it funnier that these commenters clearly do not realize that they are confirming, at least, my characterization of us as obnoxious, juvenile, sexist, and unthinking.

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