the reason for ‘Pushing Daisies’ sudden return?

I think I figured out why ABC is torturing us by bringing Pushing Daisies back to TV now, for a couple of weeks, instead of just letting us enjoy those last few unaired episodes on DVD in the privacy of our own misery.

It’s because Anna Friel — aka Chuck Charles, beloved of Ned the Piemaker, alias: The Alive-Again Avenger — is starring in Land of the Lost, opening this Friday. Could ABC be hoping for some sort of synergistic boost to its viewership, thanks to interest in this movie?

Not that anyone who likes Friel in Daisies will get much out of Lost, or vice versa. In the former, she’s a complex, fully rounded character full of verve and smarts and passion. In the latter, she runs around half naked, constantly resisting the inappropriate sexual advances of a half-evolved primate. That would be Danny McBride, of course, as Will. Chaka the monkey-boy (played by Jorma Taccone) merely grabs her breast on a regular basis.

The really awful thing is, I bet she got paid a helluva lot more dough for Lost than she did for Daisies

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