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trailer break: teaser for Michael Moore’s upcoming untitled film

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Oh, snap! It’d be funny if it hadn’t come out of my pocket, which held a couple of pennies and some lint and is now empty. But I’m delighted that all those needy CEOs will sleep securely tonight in their golden parachutes. Because nothing is more heartwarming that knowing that a filthy bastard who got filthy rich off cheating his investors, cheating his employees, and cheating the American people is able to sail off to the Caribbean on his private yacht rather than spending the rest of his life in prison.

The cockles of my heart have been ignited. Here’s hoping they burn long enough to keep me from freezing to death next winter.

Ushers really did roam the aisles at some multiplexes soliciting donations…

But remember: Michael Moore is fat, so nothing he says matters.

I, at least, look forward to his new film, whatever he calls it. I fought for The Peasants Are Revolting. What do you think it should be titled?

Untitled Michael Moore Project opens in the U.S. on October 2; no U.K. release date has been announced.

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  • God, releasing a trailer before you have a title is ridiculously pretentious — it doesn’t matter what the film is called, so this unwillingness to come up with a title reeks of “viral” marketing strategy, just like the trailer that doesn’t feature a single bit of footage.

    It’s fine for sci-fi monster flicks, but for a documentary about a very real crisis, these theatrics are a bit much. Just name the film, ya fat douche! It’s not like the title is gonna affect the box office receipts (unless it’s fucking brilliant, which is a bit above your paygrade, Mike, no offense!).

  • Pollas

    Moore could be svelte or Mr. Universe and I’d still be disgusted by him. It’s not his body shape I can’t stand. It’s his arrogance and self-importance. The man is not above making things up to get his beliefs across. As just one example, in Bowling for Columbine, the scene where he went to a bank to open an account and was handed a free gun was completely created by Moore. And he points to Cuba’s healthcare as inspiration for what ours should be? Give me a break. The only personality I can’t stand more than Moore is Bill Maher.

  • Victor Plenty

    Cuba’s healthcare system may not qualify as inspiration for what ours should be, but it absolutely does qualify as a reason we should be damn embarrassed by how piss-poor ours is, given the huge advantage in resources we enjoy.

  • bitchen frizzy

    If you’re in the choir Michael Moore is preaching to, then you will take his claims about Cuba’s healthcare system at face value, and believe it to be a paragon.

    If you have a healthy degree of skepticism, you can see his spins and biases.

    I agree with Newbs about the untitled trailer. That’s just like a rock star deliberately coming onstage two hours late to work up the crowd’s excitement, and he’s now got the ego of a rock star. And falsehoods and half-truths are no problem for him – ends justify means when you’re on a righteous crusade.

    And it’s too bad, because he’s got important things to say, and the talent to say them well.

  • Victor Plenty

    Nobody is calling Cuba’s health care system a paragon. That’s a textbook example of the straw soldier fallacy.

    The point of looking at Cuba’s system is to be realistic about what they’ve done with extremely limited funding, and contrast that with how poorly the system in the United States functions for most people, despite the vastly superior financial resources of this country.

    Making this comparison does not require anybody to claim socialism is the best way to run an entire economy. It simply means recognizing that the United States lags behind the whole industrialized world (and does even worse at some things than parts of the underdeveloped world) when it comes to effective affordable health care.

  • bitchen frizzy

    –“Nobody is calling Cuba’s health care system a paragon.”

    Michael Moore is. Or, at least, he holds it up as vastly superior. It’s actually about average, and rife with corruption that makes some Cubans more equal than others. Though it is remarkable how far Cuba stretches limited resources, agreed.

    I agree with the rest of what you typed.

    Bear in mind I’m talking about Michael Moore, not the Cuban healthcare system.

  • Robert

    Michael Moore is a fraud who has himself gotten rich telling lies, just like any corporate shyster.

    I imagine much of the high cost of healthcare has to do with the army of people who pay little or nothing – junkies, winos, gangbangers who come in shot up, people who didn’t see a problem having kids they weren’t prepared to support, **illegals**, etc. Not to mention massive liability insurance doctors and hospitals have to carry and the ambulance chasers who profit from it.

    There are steps that could be taken to lessen this but liberals would scream bloody murder.

  • amanohyo

    I have an imagination too Robert, and I imagine that if every junkie, wino, gangbanger, “illegal,” and ambulance chaser vanished tomorrow, our health care system would be slightly cheaper but still fundamentally screwed up and impossible to maintain.

    However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask, what are these “steps that could be taken” to decrease the number of junkies, winos, gangbangers, illegal immigrants, and ambulance chasers? No one will scream bloody murder, I promise. Unless the steps involve killing people…

    I actually agree that Michael Moore is in it mainly for the moola, but he’s got nothing on the armies of televangelists and political pundits that march out to their mock battles every weekend. Recents polling indicates that their bullshit/sense ratios are 69% larger than Moore’s, and Jesus assured me last night that the poll only has a 1% margin of error.

  • Victor Plenty

    No answer yet from Robert? How disappointing. He seemed such a reasonable fellow, eager to back up his statements with verifiable facts and cogent logic.

    (My apologies to anybody whose sarcasm detector overheated on that last sentence.)

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