that LaToya Jackson bit IS permanently cut from ‘Bruno’

In case you were wondering.

I wrote about this before, when Sacha Baron Cohen and Bruno director Larry Charles cut the scene in which Jackson is punk’d by Bruno for the film’s Los Angeles premiere, which — sheesh — was to take place on the night of the very day her brother Michael died. I asked whether the scene, in which Bruno tries to get LaToya to talk in a Michael-esque squeek and then steals Michael’s phone number from her Blackberry, should be deleted from the film permanently.

I thought not; you guys seemed to have concurred. Universal thought otherwise, according to The Wrap:

A scene involving Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya — hastily cut for the U.S. premiere of its much-anticipated “Bruno” — will remain out of the film, a Universal spokesman has confirmed.

“Out of respect for the Jackson family, the filmmakers have decided to remove a small scene involving La Toya Jackson,” the spokesperson told TheWrap.

The cut will be made worldwide, even though the uncut film already has premiered in Europe.

I’m guessing it’ll end up as a bonus on the DVD. Any takers on a bet when it ends up in an unauthorized version on YouTube?

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