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trailer break: ‘Ink’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Looks creepy and atmospheric and actually, you know, creative. Hollywood’s not doing a very good job lately of scaring me — maybe this little indie, from writer-director Jamin Winans, will do the trick.

Ink is touring the U.S. on a self-distribution plan by the filmmakers.

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  • Drew

    For a moment I thought that the nightmare givers were these hated but necessary members of society who were fighting something and just terribly misunderstood…oh well.

  • Victor Plenty

    Finally saw Ink on Hulu. Not surprised that it never did get reviewed on this site. Much of its narrative goes against ordinary rationality. This makes a certain kind of sense for a storyline that crosses into dream states, but is still likely to annoy some viewers.

    It’s tough to describe or even categorize. Not horror. Not science fiction. Perhaps fantasy, but a modern psychological type of fantasy. Its immersive symbolism and metaphor sometimes overwhelm everything else, including many of the features most people are looking for in a movie.

    In the end I was glad to have seen it, but would caution most prospective viewers that it requires a great deal of patience and a high tolerance for imperfections. It is an ambitious effort with worthy goals, which it does not always meet.

    But for some people it may be exactly what they needed to see.

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