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trailer break: ‘Julie & Julia’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Yea, female empowerment!

But in what universe is Amy Adams fat? C’mon…

I hope the movie is as promising as the trailer suggests. I’d love to see a movie that turns something that many women are interested in — cooking — into something that is valuable and worth the notice of the rest of the world. Too much of what women do is disparaged, particularly when women do it for free — such as cooking for a family — yet celebrated when men to it for pay: which is why so many of the “great chefs” have been men, especially until very recently.

And hey, why doesn’t someone buy my blog…?

Julie & Julia opens in the U.S. on August 7 and the U.K. on September 11.

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  • Anne-Kari

    Just when I thought I was never going to forgive Nora Ephron for Bewitched, Hanging Up, You’ve Got Mail, Michael

    Please let this be a fun as it looks in the trailer, please oh please oh please…

  • Mimi

    1) I am really psyched about this movie.
    2) How did they make normal-sized Meryl Streep look as larger-than-life as Julia Child? Was she sitting/standing on phone books the whole time? This alone fascinates me!

  • This looks surprisingly fun. I approve.

  • Victor Plenty

    MaryAnn, if you sell your blog, I have just one request for you: when negotiating your contract, demand gross points.

  • Fuggle

    I’ve never quite understood why “cooking” is supposed to be so “feminine”, especially when, as you say, for always “chefs” have always been men. It’s odd. Plus, cooking can easily be seen as a ‘traditionally masculine’ thing – even if the definition is silly, it can be seen to fit it.

    People are weird.

    … Oh, and I really want to see half this movie, even if the other half, not so much. Hrm.

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Sort of on the fence about this, though bob-haired Amy Adams is absolutely delectable in a Willow Rosenbergy kind of way.

  • Mathias

    Well Fuggle, that’s ‘cuz everyone grew up with Mom in kitchen and Dad at work. It’s just that simple.

    I’m not condoning it of course……

  • Fuggle

    Hm. I wonder what happened in families where dad went to work as a chef.

  • Mathias

    Whatever happened in those households, it certainly wasn’t influencial enough to negate the larger public negative stereotypes about the kitchen being the woman’s domain.

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