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retro trailer: ‘The Long Ranger’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Clayton Moore’s Long Ranger… in color!

I was writing something the other day (about the use of classical music by movies and TV; I’ll post it soon) and it occurred to me that the Long Ranger is a character we haven’t seen much of in pop culture lately… though there are rumors of a feature film, and there’s also a popular comic book at the moment, which perhaps bodes well for the masked avenger’s return. With Robin Hood-esque characters abounding today, the time certainly seems right for his return.

One thing I never understood, though: How could he be a lone ranger if he had a faithful companion?

The Lone Ranger is out of print on DVD in Region 1, but used copies are available; it is in print in Region 2.

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  • the rook

    he’s called the ‘Lone Ranger’ because he was the only survivor of a party of texas rangers ambushed by a bunch of bad guys.

  • Jason

    The Long Ranger! Sounds like a porno.

    (Geez, I just looked it up. It is.)

  • iakobos

    As westerns go, this one is great and is part of my DVD collection. It also reminds me of Bill Cosby’s stand up routine on the Lone Ranger which you’ll appreciate if you’ve watched the trailer because LR would always send Tonto to town for information and inevitably Tonto would get beaten up. So Cosby re-imagined how he thought it should go and it went something like this:

    LR: Tonto you go to town and get information.
    T: You go to Hell!
    LR: But Tonto, the information.
    T: Information say Tonto no go to town.

  • Jennie

    MAJ, Some broadcast history regarding The Lone Ranger being “lone” yet always with Tonto:
    As The Rook mentioned, the name comes because he was the sole survivor of an ambushed team of Texas Rangers.

    In the original Lone Ranger there was no Tonto. Because the show was being produced for radio, some expository voice beyond a narrator was necessary (“who’s that behind the rock up there” etc) and he was stuck talking to his horse or to himself The network brass felt this made him sound more like the Loon Ranger.

    This was solved in the second season by including a faithful Indian companion he could talk to. As long as Tonto just did as he was told and didn’t engage in any real conversation, we could all maintain the illusion of The Lone Ranger continuing to live outside of society.

    I guess they could have done the same with a woman, but they have cooties, don’t you know.

  • Ryan

    “Long” Ranger?

  • Well, a friend of my late father’s always used to say that you can tell a true sophisticate by their ability to listen to the last third of Rossini’s The William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger.

    Or even The Long Ranger.

    Of course, I’d probably flunk that test every time but fortunately, we don’t hear that tune played too often nowadays.

  • LaSargenta

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are ambushed by a hostile Native tribe, and their cause looks lost. The Lone Ranger says, “Oh no! We are surrounded by marauding Indians!” to which Tonto replies, “What do you mean ‘we’, kemo sabe?”

    Heh, heh, heh.

    I really hope a new lonE ranger movie is never made. There is no good way of doing it unless it is a la Blazing Saddles.


  • MaryAnn

    The Long Ranger! Sounds like a porno.

    I would have fixed that typo. But now I can’t.

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