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trailer break: ‘Youth Knows No Pain’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Man, these people are sad! An expiration date as a woman? Jesus. Maybe an expiration date as a shallow person obsessed with surface appearances? Or maybe not, if you apply enough plastic surgery. Then you get an expiration date as a realistic-looking human people, right? Maybe someday someone will figure out how to do a self-esteem transplant that doesn’t require altering unrealistic expectations about what people are supposed to look like based on pop-culture fantasies.

Youth Knows No Pain premieres on HBO on August 31.

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  • Accounting Ninja

    Hear hear! Women only “have an expiration date” if you buy into that bullshit. You know what’s universally sexy: confidence. Taking care of yourself helps too.

    I’m only 30 (which i guess is already old according to America celebrity culture), but I plan on ageing gracefully and embracing myself as I really am. It’s worked so far.

    So, like, what’s the point of this? It sounds like the first half will be a sort of freakshow eliciting shock and pity at us crazy bitches and what we do to ourselves(and yeah, they threw a couple men in there, but it’s clear this- botox, boobjobs, collagen- is predominantly a female obsession.) And then the second half will tout the merits of it all and get by on that ol’ “well, if it gives you self esteem, there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with it”.

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