trailer break: ‘The Stepfather’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

I have to say that it’s about time stepfathers started getting the same bad rap as stepmothers. Oh, wait: this is a remake of a 1987 movie? Then how could the idea of the evil stepfather never caught on? Could it be that first movie sucked? Are they remaking it in order to try again to paint stepfathers with the evil brush?

Best America’s Most Wanted reference ever, or what?

“He’s hiding something!” “It doesn’t mean he’s a killer!” Oh yes it does. Don’t these people know they’re in a cheesy horror movie?

Way to spoil the whole movie, trailer guys. Or maybe you figured we’d seen it all so many times before it couldn’t possibly be spoiled?

The Stepfather opens in the U.S. on October 16, and in the U.K. on December 11.

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