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retro trailer: ‘Big Trouble in Little China’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Would you believe I’ve never actually seen this flick? It may be too late for me, at this point, to catch on to the goofy appeal the movie seems to have for so many people. Because this trailer doesn’t look like it’s selling goofy: it looks like it’s selling plain ol’ ordinary standard action. Oh well.

Big Trouble in Little China is available on DVD in Region 1 and Region 2.

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  • Scott

    One of my favorites. I was not surprised to see it show up here, but was surprised to hear you haven’t seen it, Maryann. It is over the top and very campy. “It’s all in the reflexes.” – Jack Burton

  • Would you believe I’ve never actually seen this flick?

    Normally, I’d tease you about this but there are still a great many movies from the 1980s I have yet to see–for example, I finally saw Evil Dead II for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. And I have yet to see Big…just because.

    That said, I think you’d enjoy this if for no other reason that it was one of John Carpenter’s last good movies. But then you’re not really a John Carpenter fan so er–never mind. :-)

  • bats :[

    Eh. I’ve seen it, and I don’t get the appeal (my friends OTOH are nuts for it, and we were in our mid-20s for the most part when it came out). YMMV

    (And I speak in a very soft voice here, but I don’t get the appeal of “The Princess Bride,” either…)

  • Hdj

    I grew up with this movie. John Carpenter usually tackles the horror splatter stuff ,but this one however he was just having a little fun, He under cuts the horror tone, but Its strange and funny, Kurt Russell is the average Joe, as Jack Burton caught in the middle of a bunch of chop Seuy Hong Kong Phooey. Carpenter can be funny he’s proved it in this movie and “They Live”

  • MaryAnn, get together a list of 10 movies you’ve never seen from the 80s but ought to (including this one). And then go rent the flicks on dvd and watch with other ‘Xers.

    If I ever win the lotto and buy my own movie company, I’d make movies like this one all the time. Best. American-based Wuxia. Movie. Ever. ;-)

  • Chuck

    The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. It is selling a straight up action flick because that’s what the distributor thought would sell.

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