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the final word on ‘This Is It’

Never mind what I or any other critics have to say about Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Elizabeth Taylor has tweeted the final words, 140 characters at a time:

It is the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen. It cements forever Michael’s genius in every aspect of creativity.

And we have this piece of film to remind us forever and ever that once there was such a man. God kissed him.

You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again. Memorize it and say to yourselves, “I saw genius in my lifetime”

I truly believe this film should be nominated in every category conceivable.

What else needs to be said?

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  • bitchen frizzy

    Umm… wow. That’s… pretty over the top.

  • JoshDM

    Liz was great as Lucille II in Arrested Development.

  • Accounting Ninja

    This whole thing has been a troll-baitin’ LOL riot. Good times. :)

  • Sorry to sound dumb if you’re joking JoshDM but Lucille II was Liza Minelli, not Liz Taylor.

  • Brian

    “Single most brilliant piece of filmmaking?” This from a woman who has personally worked with Mike Nichols, Franco Zeffirelli, George Stevens, et. al.?

  • MaryAnn

    I’m waiting for her to say, “I loved it. It was much better than *Cats.* I’m going to see it again and again.”

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