Oscar hosts: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

The question of the other day — Who should host the Oscars now that Hugh Jackman has stepped down? — has been answered: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will cohost, according to The Los Angeles Times:

Martin, who hosted the 73rd and 75th Oscar ceremony, said in a statement: “I am happy to co-host the Oscars with my enemy Alec Baldwin.”

Alec Baldwin should worship at Tina Fey’s feet for making him cool again, with 30 Rock.

Hey, why isn’t Tina Fey hosting the Oscars?!

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Wed, Nov 04, 2009 11:12am

Jeezus! Why don’t they just resurect Harvey Korman while they’re at it!?!?

Not that these buys can’t emcee…but, really, can’t we have some fresh blood?

Wed, Nov 04, 2009 12:31pm

i don’t really think tv personalities make the best hosts — johnny carson’s years of service notwithstanding. they just don’t have the insider attitude towards the movie culture. tina fey might be good — it’s hard to tell. whoppie’s turn as host was sort of a magnificent mess. martin and baldwin will be… fine. i can’t really work up much enthusiasm for the oscars anyway — and i think this whole 10 nominees thing is going to be a disaster (especially for women nominees … they have trouble scraping up 5 leading actresses because of the dearth of roles for women).

if you’re going to resurrect a good oscar host (male, that is) why not go for Bob Hope? he was enough of a hollywood insider to be able to joke and make off-the-cuff witty remarks about the films and the nominees and enough of an outsider (never being nominated himself) that he had a bit of a distance and irony about the proceedings.