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trailer break: David Tennant’s ‘Hamlet’ on the BBC

Take a break from work: watch a TV trailer…

I can’t wait to see this again, though I don’t imagine it can possibly capture the energy and the immediacy it had on stage. I hope it comes close.

For those just tuning in, I saw this production in Stratford-upon-Avon last year, and loved it; my review is here.

(via Blogtor Who, and thanks to reader Lisa for pointing it out to me)

Hamlet debuts in the U.K. on BBC Two on Christmas Day; it will air in the U.S. on PBS sometime in 2010. The Region 2DVD will be released on January 4, 2010, and is available to preorder; no Region 1 DVD has been announced.

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  • Joanne

    A friend of mine got tickets in the BFI’s ballot for their preview screening of this in mid-December – she’s kindly taking me. We’re both very excited and hopeful for the “special guests” doing a Q&A with Gregory Doran after the screening; Doran by himself would be great but it’ll be even better if David Tennant and Patrick Stewart turned up. *crosses fingers*

  • Bex

    While the date for release of Region 1 has not been announced, but that there will *be* a Region 1 release is definite.

    John Wyver at Illuminations, the production company, has confirmed that it will be released around the time of broadcast on PBS (as a large proportion of the PBS Great Performances are).

    John has also said that there is likely to be a simultaneous Blu-Ray release in the US as well since it was filmed with RED Hi Def cameras and the US Blu-Ray market is bigger than the UK market at this point. UK Blu-Ray will come after.

  • Lisa

    I’ve got BFI tickets too!!!!

    Tennant or not Stewart or not I’m gonna see Hamlet on the big screen and I’m so exciteddddddddd!!!!!!

  • Barb

    Pre-ordered it the day it was announced in R2.

    I also heard about a BluRay version but it would be released later on – don’t understand the rationale with that.

  • Magess

    Is how they look in the clip how it looked basically on stage? The only image I ever saw was Tennant with the skewed crown on.

  • that *is* basically how they were dressed when i saw the production… very elegant, very modern… but not of a particular time. my goodness, i cannot *wait* to get my dvd (pre-ordered, of course).

  • MaryAnn

    I would say that, if an era had to be assigned to this production, aside from a few of Tennant’s costumes (t-shirt and jeans; ratty parka and ski cap) the overall tenor is vaguely late 1930s, early 1940s.

    But, of course, much of what constitutes eveningwear and military uniforms — which is what much of this production is dressed in — hasn’t changed too much in a century.

  • Lisa

    ^ yeah it’s hard to say what era it was set in. If I remember rightly, in the programme, it looked like Tennant was originally going to wear the long coat he wore in the promo picture (instead of wearing the more modern parka that he wears in the yorick scene). Imho, it does look really different but then watching it filmed is always going to be a different experience. E.g. I.m used to Tennant saying that speech with his back to me!

    Magess – there are a few places where you can see more photos of the play online, if you’re still interested. (If MaryAnn gives me permission to post them).

    Patrick Stewart has been confirmed for the Q and A.

  • NorthernStar

    I’m really reluctant to see this (I’m not going to say I’m not going to see it because who am kidding?)

    I don’t want this to corrupt my memories of watching it on stage.

  • Nicola

    About 16 of my friends and I have managed to get tickets (when they went on sale). Patrick has since been confirmed as attending the Q&A. Unknown if David will, he’s due to be in the States I believe.

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