my week at the movies: ‘Red Riding Trilogy,’ ‘Youth in Revolt’

I’m very excited about this. Tomorrow I’ve got an afternoon-long screening-room marathon of the three films of the Red Riding Trilogy, based on the novels by David Peace [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon U.K.] (who also wrote the book The Damned United is based on) about the notorious Yorkshire Ripper crime spree that terrorized that English city county in the 1970s and 80s. British crime noir? I’m so there. Plus, the cast is awesome cast: Andrew Garfield, David Morrissey, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, Rebecca Hall, Sean Bean… The films open in New York on February 5, 2010, and will be available on IFC on Demand on the same day. (If you’re hungry for more than the usual Hollywood fare, you seriously need to get IFC on Demand.) They played theatrically in the U.K. last year, and are already available on DVD in Region 2.

I’ll also see, in this truncated holiday week, Youth in Revolt (opens in the U.S. on January 8, 2010, and in the U.K. on February 5, 2010). I’m not particularly looking forward to this: the trailer makes the film look like it will embrace the deepest depths of male self-hatred and self-delusion. I hope I’m wrong about that. I do like Michael Cera, and I’d hate to see him succumbing to this…

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