question of the day: What non-hit of the 00s will be an acclaimed favorite by 2020?

Today’s question comes from reader Patrick, who writes:

In the 80’s it was “A Christmas Story”; in the 90’s it was “The Shawshank Redemption”–both films developed into monstrous hits after their initial box office failure in the next decade. So, I must ask: what do you predict will be the film of the 00’s that didn’t do all that well in its theatrical run but will be given its long overdue accolades as a classic in the 10’s? (Basically a film that TNT will play endlessly–not that’s there’s anything wrong with that!)

In other words: What non-hit of the 00s will be an acclaimed favorite by 2020?

I’ve got a few possibles:
Big Fish
Gone Baby Gone
Hamlet 2
The Ice Harvest
Kinky Boots
The Kingdom
Children of Men
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Mist
The Prestige
Secondhand Lions
16 Blocks

In the reverse, we’re probably doomed to endless reruns of Nicolas Cage’s Knowing on SyFy throughout the coming decade…

If you need a reminder of what opened in the 2000s, see this list at Wikipedia.

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