the Dirty District 9, the Explosive Bloody Mary…

If you’re looking for some movie-themed drinks for tonight’s partying, check out the specialty vodka drinks the Alliance of Women Film Journalists invented. We served these at our awards celebration a few weeks ago. My favorite: the Dirty District 9:

THE DIRTY DISTRICT NINE, honoring District Nine, the 2009 EDA Award winner for Cultural Crossover: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with Monin Espresso syrup and espresso coffee, shake over ice and drain into a martini glass, add garnish of Ghirardelli shaved chocolate and a chocolate-covered coffee bean

It’s like a mochachino with a kick.

There’s also The Special Education (honoring An Education), The Explosive Bloody Mary (honoring The Hurt Locker), The Pip-Pippa Lee (honoring The Private Lives of Pippa Lee), and The Way – Way – Waaay Up (honoring Up in the Air). Get the recipes here.

Cheerio to 2009.

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