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trailer break: ‘Robin Hood’ teaser

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

The first look at Ridley Scott’s Gladiator-style take on the folk hero:

Pretty dark and scary and intense. And no tights in sight.

Robin Hood opens in the U.S. and the U.K. on May 14, 2010.

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  • Kat

    I’ve seen this many times now and I keep wondering about the needle-work at 0:20. Could it be the Bayeux Tapestry? Not sure why I’m pondering needlework when I have Crowe back in full Maximus-mode though…

  • Cori Ann

    I am not entirely sure I am on board with Russell Crowe as Robin Hood…but I know I will end up seeing this anyway. Guess I’ll just have to wait to judge. :o)

  • JasonT

    I like it. Not Errol Flynn style, but a harder man – one who fought in the Crusades.

  • Brian

    This might be a decent trailer for a generic medieval actioner, but it sucks as a trailer for Robin Hood. I’ve seen it a few times now, and I have not seen any trace of a merry man. In fact, nobody seems even a smidgen more than morose. I know Russell Crowe has a terrific sense of humor. I sure hope that shows up somewhere in the movie that isn’t in this trailer.

  • zepto

    Maybe I’m just not ready for a new Robin Hood movie. This trailer was tedious.

  • LaSargenta

    I don’t know why I dislike Russell Crowe in action man roles so much. On the surface of things, one could assume he’d work perfectly well. Obviously, many, many people in the movie biz think so, too, as they keep putting him in stuff like Gladiator, Master and Commander, etc.

    Too, a couple of friends of mine think he should be up my personal aesthetic alley as I have been known to go for big (not necessarily tall), beefy, kinda hairy guys. Actually, several relatives fit this description, so maybe it’s a family trait.

    But…but… I can’t stand Crowe in these roles. And Gerard Butler seems to be following the same path. They don’t look realistic to me as fighters/action heroes, just flabby. And like grown-up boys.

  • Shadowen

    Cate Blanchett sexytimes will probably get me into theaters for this.

    I am of the opinion, though, that it would have been better as a more “realistic” film.

  • bats :[

    Could it be better than “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”? Only time will tell.

  • Accounting Ninja

    It did strike me as Prince of Thieves: Redux. Hopefully, it won’t be as, um, “90s-y”.

    LaSargenta, I kind of felt the same way you do about Costner in RHPOT. He was pasty and not-British.

  • LaSargenta

    From Accounting Ninja:

    I kind of felt the same way you do about Costner in RHPOT. He was pasty and not-British.

    Um, yeah. For this role — or really any role, anywhere, anytime — I need the right accent just like I need the right costume. Now, for the actor, I’m willing to say “It is an actor, s/he is acting.” and I don’t always need the person to look exactly a certain way. But, action hero stuff, especially in a certain kind of supposedly realistic and gritty film, I need the physicality to be right.

    Part of the problem is that I know a lot of guys who do manual labor: Laborers, dockworkers, etc. … guys who stand for hours using jackhammers, or shovels digging out underpinning pits, or lifting and placing rebar. These guys don’t work out at a gym and many of them eat heartattacks (bacon-egg-cheese-on-a-roll) in the coffee break and have a bit of a gut by the time they’re 35, but they have some serious muscles and they look it. They don’t look soft. So, I’d expect someone who wears 50 lbs of armor and carries a 5 lb sword with assorted other gear while running and fighting to look more like these guys I’ve worked with than what I see in that trailer.

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