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retro trailer: ‘Clash of the Titans’ 1981

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Oh, man, did I love this movie as a teenager. My brothers and I must have borrowed the VHS from the library dozens of times — we never tired of watching it. I wonder if it’s really as goofy as this trailer makes it seem. (Please o please let the remake be half as wonderfully silly.) I guess it’s time for another viewing…

“Find and fulfill your destiny”? Old dude, if you’re not sure what his destiny is, should you really be telling him to find it? What if, I dunno, his destiny turned out to be just hanging around the olive grove getting smashed on retsina all day? Not ever son of a god is destined to do great things. A lot of them just coast on dad’s reputation, I hear.

Of course, any mention of destiny makes me want to declaim, “I am your density!”

Clash of the Titans is available on DVD in Region 1 and Region 2.

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  • Ahhhh, the first Harryhausen flick I saw as it came out… just realizing the time and effort it took for him to animate Medusa was fun in itself, something you don’t get with CGI. Still don’t know why they thought Harry Hamlin could play action hero. Thank the Gods for Burgess Meredith as the Font of Exposition. :)

  • Cool! I had forgotten that Claire Bloom–aka the Woman in White–was in this one.

    This was the first–and alas, last–Harryhausen movie I ever saw in the theatre too. I always had a soft spot for it even though it’s the type of flick most sophisticated film buffs like to poke fun at. I suspect I liked it so much because I was a Greek mythology buff. It didn’t hurt that I was a big fan of Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts to boot.

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