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Tilda Swinton = Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien has suggested that Tilda Swinton portray him in a proposed, mostly imaginary potential HBO movie about the Tonight Show debacle… and she’s onboard with the idea. She told Movieline:

I would just be only too happy. Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.

Of course, she’s bent genders before, in Orlando and Constantine. But I’d venture to guess that mainstream audiences mostly have no damn idea who Tilda Swinton is at all… and that their minds would be blown by seeing an English woman playing the role of an American semi-icon. And that would be splendid.

This has been your OMG Thought for the Day.

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  • RyanT

    I’ll be the first one in line to buy a ticket…

  • CB

    I dunno, I bet mainstream audiences would know who Tilda Swinton was if you said she was the White Witch… aka the most amazing part of those otherwise blase movies.

    I could see her as a great Orlando — I might have to watch that some time.

    But I never thought of it as “gender bending” in Constatine… I just thought that in this version, “Gabriel” was a woman-angel, and why not?

  • J.E.

    Conan was class, Jay Leno is an a**

  • Shadowen

    She’s a bit short for the role, but you can fix that in post.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    I suddenly have an urge to see a lot more reverse whitewashing in movies now: casting women and people of color in the roles of famous white dudes.

    Watanabe Ken as Abraham Lincoln! Samuel L. Jackson as Dr. Salk in the epic feel-good story of the Polio vaccine! Halle Berry discovers America as Columbus!

    Even if it’s just a YouTube video: let’s get folks on this, it’ll be awesome!

  • LaSargenta

    I want Oliver Stone to remake W with Don Cheadle.

  • Go Tilda!

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