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trailer break: ‘Polytechnique’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

This week, the Toronto Film Critics Association named this film, by Denis Villeneuve, the best Canadian film of 2009. It’s about the mass shooting at the Montreal Polytechnique school in 1989 in which the shooter targeted women studying to be engineers, since he believed that feminism had ruined his life and he wanted to kill feminists.

Looks like a good choice for my new Canadian coverage…

Polytechnique is now available on Region 1 DVD from Amazon.ca; no U.S. or U.K. release dates have been announced.

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  • LaSargenta

    Great, I peek back here to take a 5 minute break and this is what I get to see. You know, even in 2000 this was still being talked about by lots of female engineering students in the US.

    Certainly a good trailer.

    Makes my heart rate rise and my gut hurt.

    I’m going to go away now.

  • I only hope that movie doesn’t spend far too much time in HIS head, making the movie about him and not the women gunned down.

  • LaSargenta

    Alphabetically by last name:

    Genevive Bergeron, 21 yrs. old
    Helne Colgan, 23
    Nathalie Croteau, 23
    Barbara Daigneault, 22
    Anne-Marie Edward, 21
    Maud Haviernick, 29
    Maryse Laganire, 25
    Maryse Leclair, 23
    Anne-Marie Lemay, 22
    Sonia Pelletier, 28
    Michle Richard, 21
    Annie Sainte-Arneault, 23
    Annie Turcotte, 21
    Barbara Klucznik Widajewicz, 31

    And, Accounting Ninja, I’ve heard that it doesn’t go inside his head.

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