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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

because there’s no such thing as too much David Tennant…

…and because it’s my blog, and I can post what I like:

(I actually kinda like Robert Pattinson. Or I at least pity him. Guys like it when you pity them, right? He’s not a great actor or anything, but I don’t think he deserves or even wants what he’s gotten.)

Thanks to my pal Colleen for sending this.

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  • Kara

    Right. Rob is such a bad actor that he was hand picked by Allen Coulter to start in Remember Me with Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin; that he was hired to work with Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon and Academy Award nominee Christophe Waltz; or that he was hired to work with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. Yeah, I see what you mean. If you knew anything you’d know word on the street is he gives a great performance in Remember Me. Actors need great material to shine, there’s only so much you can do with a Rosenberg script. Cut the guy some slack.

  • Isobel

    I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other on Robert Pattinson’s acting skill – I do find some of his comments regarding Twilight very amusing though. I think he’s approached it quite intelligently, he seems to know it’s completely awful but he’s making the best of it. Must be difficult having a squealing fanbase like that and he seems to be being very mature about it.

  • Magess

    Given that the only thing I’ve seen Pattinson in is Twilight, I feel I can’t possibly make any claims about his acting. I thought his approach to Edward was hilarious and intelligently done. But, you know, he still has to play Edward, so how awesome could that be?

    I look forward to seeing him in something else just for comparison.

    That said, Tennant has some of the best fangirls anyone could ask for. :)

  • TommyB

    …He’s not a great actor or anything…

    I mean, what can he do? He’s a young actor, the script is lame, they give him a pale face that sparkles in the sun, a ridiculous haircut and make him say clunky stuff.
    Which actor his age would pull that off?
    And, of course, a young, beautiful face can’t replace charisma.

    Pattinson seems to keep some dignity. At least, he’s not doing any half-naked photo shoots “Taylor Lautner Style” (as far as I know). And I remember him saying that he feels alienated by the repulsive behavior of many female fans.
    So, that’s what you get, Rob!

    Whoa, considering I don’t care about Twilight and the “actors” in it, I wrote down a considerable number of words.
    It seems, I pick up too much irrelevant information…

    And, yes, David Tennant is cute. If I were gay, I’d be like totally into him!

  • Jo

    David Tennant can do no wrong for me I’m afraid (bit like Rufus Sewell!). You can imagine the excitement when the Beeb released two stories in one day about new projects for my these guys. Can’t wait to see Rufus as Aurelio Zen and David as a grieving single father of four (in Scotland, so hopefully in his native accent…). Fine actors, decent men, and both plain gorgeous. Sigh.

  • Kathryn

    Hmm, surely that caption should read:
    I have smart, nerdy fangirls who are willing to fly thousands of miles to see my award-winning portrayal of Hamlet, which was so good that no-one thinks they’re crazy for doing it.

  • Alli

    Cut the guy some slack.

    Why are you getting so worked up over this? She said she likes the guy, she just doesn’t think he’s an amazing actor. You have to base your knowledge of someone’s acting ability on the roles you’ve seen them play. Just because he was picked to play a role doesn’t make him a strong actor. Taylor Lautner was just in a movie with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Does that make him a great actor?

    Maryann has seen the Twilight films (though I agree with others that no one could save that character) and she reviewed Tiny Ashes as well. To date, his best performance has been Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire (and yes he was hand selected to act with Alan Rickman, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Michael Gambon, Brendan Gleason, etc. for that one too). So yes, he may be wonderful in Remember Me and the other future films he will be in, but to date his acting hasn’t overwhelmed Maryann (or me for that matter).

    I still think the guy is hilarious, and I really want him to continue to improve as an actor. I hope nothing but good things for him. I feel the same about Kristen Stewart, whose pedigree of films proves she CAN act. In time, maybe everyone can say the same for Pattison.

  • Alli

    Whoops. Little Ashes, not Tiny Ashes. I was close…

  • MaryAnn

    And I’ve seen *The Haunted Airman* and *How to Be,* too. And I stand by my contention: Pattinson is not a great actor.

    All I know is, if I wanted to ensure lots of press and publicity for my film, attention it might not otherwise get, I’d “hand-pick” someone like Pattinson to star in it, even if he wasn’t a great talent.

    And if I knew anything, I might know that “word on the street” about a film that has not yet screened for critics is manufactured by the studio releasing it, through carefully managed promotional screenings, junkets for entertainment journalists (not critics), and so on.

    *Remember Me* might be a good movie, and Pattinson might be fine in it. But there’s no genuine way to know yet.

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