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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

me at CNN.com

I’m quoted pretty extensively in a new article at CNN.com called “Hollywood has it bad for Valentine’s Day.” When I spoke to the reporter earlier this week, I had no idea how much of what I said would end up in the piece, but a lot of what we talked about is reflected there.

If you’ve been reading my stuff regularly, there’s probably not much there that’ll be new to you. But is there really ever enough complaining to do about Hollywood romantic comedies? I think not.

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  • Kevin

    Good for you. You should win the award for the most smartest writer on the net. Now when will you review the movie frozen like you said? I want to see it but I can’t imagine how a little cold air and ice can be so scary.

  • JoshDM
  • Mathias

    First you get quoted on The Mist’s DVD/Blu-Ray back-cover and now this?

    Way to go MaryAnn!

  • MaryAnn

    Now when will you review the movie frozen like you said?

    I didn’t get to it this week because of the blizzard. Hopefully I can see it next week.

  • JoshDm

    Is that ironic, or Alanis Morissette ironic?

  • Anne-Kari

    Well hot damn, MAJ!! Great to see you on CNN.com. I hope this marks the beginning of a trend for you and flickfilosopher.com.

  • tweeks

    Before we know it, we’ll be tuning in to At the Moves with Ebert & Johanson.

    The question is, will Ebert ever adopt the traffic light system, or will MaryAnn allow her judgements to be reduced to thumbs-up / thumbs-down?

  • Jurgan

    Ebert’s not coming back to the show. And I don’t know if Maryann wants to work in as restrictive a format as TV long-term (although Siskel and Ebert were better than most TV reviewers in terms of depth, mostly because they kept writing newspaper reviews throughout their TV careers).

  • Thumb sideways?

  • LaSargenta

    Shit. Now we’ll never convince MaryAnn to have a NYC MAJ-Fans get together at the IFC for dinner and a movie! (I had all these plans to start peppering her with e-mails to have one of these when Chumley’s reopens and then off to a flick.)

    Congrats, MaryAnn. This is good news! :-)

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