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North American box office: ‘Avatar’ falls to ‘Dear John’


1. Dear John: $30.5 million (NEW)
2. Avatar: $22.9 million
3. From Paris with Love: $8.2 million (NEW)
4. Edge of Darkness: $6.9 million (2nd week; drops 60%)
5. Tooth Fairy: $6.6 million (3rd week; drops 34%)

actual numbers, not estimates
Really, North America? Dear John? This is the movie that knocks Avatar off its pedastal? Have you seen Dear John? Yeah, I guess you have by now. But really: Are you sorry?

It’s not like I have a vested interest in the Avatar horse race — and anyway, the movie was closing in on $630 million by the end of last weekend, so it hardly needs my cheerleading — but why did it have to be this preposterous movie to break its streak? Sheesh.

Sorta sad opening for From Paris with Love. Maybe folks’ll discover it on DVD…

Huge drop for Edge of Darkness, but not an unexpected one. And yet Tooth Fairy, which is infinitely worse, hangs on. The universe is a strange place.

Overall, it was sorta a snoozer of a weekend, thanks to the Super Bowl. And the mostly lousy movies on offer, of course.

[numbers via Box Office Mojo]

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  • RyanT

    One movie had to do it. And well Titanic finally lost its #1 spot when Lost in Space opened.

  • Keith

    With a few movies coming out this Friday, we’ll see how well “Dear John” holds up. Just checked over at Rottentomatoes and “Wolfman” isn’t doing so well. 7/19 reviews for 27% fresh. Not so good. “Percy Jackson” is doing much better at 8/5 for 62% fresh.

    I certainly haven’t done anything to help out “Dear John.” Thinking about checking out “Percy Jackson” on Friday.

  • Shadowen

    I’d imagine that it’s more likely Avatar will regain its top spot next week than anything else.

  • Kenny

    Yeh.. I’d imagine Avatar will be back on top next weekend. Dear John will sink like Jack and we’ll not have to think about it anymore.

  • markyd

    I don’t Kenny. This IS Valentines Day weekend. I can see all sorts of women dragging their men out to see this movie. Or some other schlocky RomCom. It’s what a right proper woman does on Valentines Day!
    ; – )

  • RyanT

    I doubt Avatar is going to retake the #1 spot. It’s projected to stay flat or rise a bit for the four-day weekend, but as a lot of people said, it’s also Valentine’s Day weekend.

    Three very wide releases (over 3000+) are opening with at least one of them projected to break out (more than $30+ million) i.e. Valentine’s Day due to the holiday, the actors involved, and the amount of advertising it’s been getting. That movie will certainly hurt Dear John, but both should be able to do well because of V-Day.

  • Rosalyn

    I tried to see Avatar on Monday night at one of the IMAX screens. Sold out! On a Monday night! So still going strong.

  • MaryAnn

    *Valentine’s Day* will win this weekend, with *Avatar* second, *Percy Jackson* third, and *Wolfman* fourth and *Dear John* fifth.

    But maybe if Cameron had left in the blue-alien-sex scene, *Avatar* could have been the go-to movie for this weekend, too.

    Guys, please remember: Not *all* women love idiotic rom-coms. Any man who wanted to get into *my* pants would have much better luck if he took me to see *Avatar* for the third time, and much less luck if he really, really wanted to see *Dear John.*

  • Kenny

    I have to admit that I’d forgotten this particular weekend was coming up, since my girlfriend will be spending it in Spain and I have something of a pass on the whole deal.
    I would think Valentine’s day will steal most of Dear John’s audience, and Valentine’s Day itself will drop like a stone the weekend after… which leaves the incredibly consistent Avatar in the top spot. No?

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