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question of the day: Which TV or movie workplace would you love to work at?

I’m sure many of us have fantasized about working someplace interesting and/or exciting — maybe even someplace completely fictional — that we’ve seen on television or in a movie. But did you ever put that imaginary job on your resume? One guy in England did (via the Mirror):

Fantasist Greig Ferguson got a medic’s job after claiming he had qualified as a doctor at the fictional hospital in TV’s ER, a court heard yesterday Ferguson, 35, told health bosses he was at Chicago’s County General Hospital, famous for launching George Clooney’s acting career.

He then paraded around the corridors of the NHS treatment centre wearing the badge Dr Greig Ferguson MD – even though he was working as an emergency nurse practitioner.

The court was told Ferguson had qualified as a nurse at Porstmouth University in 2002 but embellished his CV to improve his job prospects.

And honestly, who hasn’t fibbed just a little on a resume?

Which TV or movie workplace would you love to work at?

Me, I’d probably say: That basement headquarters of Fox Mulder’s unofficial FBI division known as the X-Files. For a while when I was a teenager I was really fascinated by the concept of criminal profiling, and I thought maybe I’d become an FBI agent.

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  • Orangutan

    This is gonna be interesting to follow, I suspect. :)

    Me, I would want to work in the lab at the Jeffersonian, from Bones. Anthropology AND crime-solving, plus working with the FBI? My god, let me be the evidence/crime scene photographer and I’d be living the dream.

  • David

    Maybe this means I am boring at heart but I have always imagined doing something completly mundane in extraordinary circumstances. For example a cargo handler on the enterprise, moving boxes all day but in SPACE.

  • Bill

    I’d work in The West Wing. Not wild about the idea of working in the actual west wing, but I would definitely work in the fantasy west wing that existed on the show. Or I’d work as a gun hand on Serenity.

  • Lisa

    The Others’ temple or lab in Lost cos then I’d be ahead of the game!

  • Bluejay

    I second Bill on Serenity.

    I’d also love to be a delegate to the Second Continental Congress in either 1776 or John Adams. Actually, I prefer 1776, ’cause then I’d get to sing. :-)

    One other choice: I’d like to be one of Jodie Foster’s SETI assistants in Contact. Provided events unfold as they did in the movie, and contact is actually made.

  • Jester

    Ops from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Free food and beverages from a wall slot whenever I want them, good boss, interesting working conditions and co-workers, occasional field trips to exotic locales, very few nonsensical political dramas, low likelihood of grisly death.

  • Brian

    I’d love to work with Q from the James Bond films, or any of his spiritual successors, like Marshall from Alias, or Lucius Fox as played by Morgan Freeman. Developing crazy, top-secret technology for super-spies and superheroes? Sign me up!

  • Bluejay

    Nice, Brian!

    Ooh, I’ve got one more: I’d love to be part of the B.P.R.D., alongside Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and the rest.

  • Cyndy

    Either at the Jeffersonian from Bones or with the guys from Mythbusters. In either case it’d be setting up experiments and having the backing and facilities to do it well. And that would be fun all day every day.

  • David

    I just thought of another one: I would work as a bartender in any western. Wielding information and whiskey as my weapons.

  • Sara

    A witty, sharp doctor from Scrubs doesn’t sound too bad. Lots of live daydreams and dancing with cool people to hang out with.

  • Cori Ann

    I have always cherished the fantasy of working at Empire Records (open ’til midnight!), though I doubt a music store would be a very viable workplace option these days.

    In second place I would love to be technician or engineer of Atlantis (in the Stargate mythos). Despite the high risk factor of the occupation, come on, the lost city, in another galaxy? Heck yeah!

    The Jeffersonian rounds out my list. In college I seriously entertained the thought of pursuing archaeology before going down the history route.

  • Paul

    I’d want Frasier’s job. Get paid a ton of money to sit there and give people advice.

    Or I’d want to be the Middle Aged Master in a martial arts flick. Old enough to teach, not too old for Hollywood women that always seem to be wandering aroumd movie land.

    You know, I might almost be Giles’ age (BtVS), now that I think about it. That creeps me out a little. I think I’ll go back to radio.

  • tomservo

    Bartender at the Peach Pit After Dark.

  • joliman

    Easy — writing staff, Alan Brady Show. You get a couch, dartboard, and a watercooler in your office — and 2 awesome co-workers. I don’t even mind Mel all that much.

  • Chuck

    The Doctor’s next traveling companion.

  • LaSargenta

    This is a weird quetion for me. I honestly can’t think of ever wanting to do this. Maybe the closest I can come, now that I’m thinking about it, is a farm hand on Barbara Stanwyck’s ranch in Big Valley.

    TV shows and movies inherently have too much excitement and too many people in too close quarters for me to ever really consider any of their locations or professions “ideal”. Real life is dramatic enough…at least my life. Or maybe I’m really a sloth at heart!

    Off to think about this. ;-)

  • Christine

    WNYX or 30 Rock. Or AT & Love.

  • Captain Swing

    There are two types of people in the world, those who grew up wanting to be Captain Kirk and those who wanted to be Scotty. Career and lifestyle choices emanate from those preferences.

    The engine room of the Enterprise sounds good to me……

  • 1. UNIT HQ in the 70s. Don’t have to work there, could just be a passing investigative journalist who pokes her nose in where it doesn’t belong and becomes part of the team. In fact, that’s the best case scenario–no duties, just hang around, observe and ask questions. Then write about it.

    2. More real world–WRKP in Cincinnati. It’s probably become an NPR station by now and I’d love to work for an NPR station.

    3. With joliman above, on the writing staff of the Alan Brady show.

    4. In the Mayberry, NC sheriff’s office. Lots of laughs, no danger, no work! But only when it was in black and white. Andy lost his sense of humor after the show went to color. Wouldn’t want to work for the post-Barney Andy–he was a crab!

    Sadly, where I really work most nearly resembles the workplace in Office Space!

  • There are two types of people in the world, those who grew up wanting to be Captain Kirk and those who wanted to be Scotty. Career and lifestyle choices emanate from those preferences.

    Actually, I would have wanted to be more like one of the supporting characters on Doctor Who than anyone on Star Trek. And before that my heroes varied from Indiana Jones to James Bond to John Steed to Carl Kolchak to Jim Rockford (what guy in the ’70s didn’t want a lawyer like Beth Davenport?) to Steve Austin (the title character on The Six Million Dollar Man, not the wrestler). There was even a dark, dark period when I was very young when I wanted to be Will Robinson.

    Then again, they say there are two types of people in the world: those who divide the people of the world into two types and those who don’t.

  • My ideal workplace would probably be something like the bookstore in Joan of Arcadia where the title character works. Because the duties seem light, there seems to be plenty of time for reading and you never know who is going to drop by…

  • Orangutan

    Then again, they say there are two types of people in the world: those who divide the people of the world into two types and those who don’t.

    No no no, there are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don’t. ;)

    As for the Star Trek thing, I kinda always wanted to be Dr. McCoy. He appealed to my inner cynical smartass.

  • Lisa

    the Dr’s best mate would be fantastic

    … do you get dental with that?

  • allochthon

    Any workspace created by Aaron Sorkin, but specifically the sports room in Sports Night. (and I don’t even like professional sports…)

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