question of the day: Which TV or movie workplace would you love to work at?

I’m sure many of us have fantasized about working someplace interesting and/or exciting — maybe even someplace completely fictional — that we’ve seen on television or in a movie. But did you ever put that imaginary job on your resume? One guy in England did (via the Mirror):

Fantasist Greig Ferguson got a medic’s job after claiming he had qualified as a doctor at the fictional hospital in TV’s ER, a court heard yesterday Ferguson, 35, told health bosses he was at Chicago’s County General Hospital, famous for launching George Clooney’s acting career.

He then paraded around the corridors of the NHS treatment centre wearing the badge Dr Greig Ferguson MD – even though he was working as an emergency nurse practitioner.

The court was told Ferguson had qualified as a nurse at Porstmouth University in 2002 but embellished his CV to improve his job prospects.

And honestly, who hasn’t fibbed just a little on a resume?

Which TV or movie workplace would you love to work at?

Me, I’d probably say: That basement headquarters of Fox Mulder’s unofficial FBI division known as the X-Files. For a while when I was a teenager I was really fascinated by the concept of criminal profiling, and I thought maybe I’d become an FBI agent.

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