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trailer break: ‘Repo Men’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

So, not a sequel to Repo Man, then…

51 seconds into the trailer, I’m guessing this will be the “big twist”: Jude Law (or Forest Whitaker) secretly has a mortgaged replacement organ, and Forest Whitaker (or Jude Law) will be forced to repo it from his best friend…

…and look at that: by 1:38, I am confirmed correct (except for the secret part).

This looks cool. Did it have to be so damn predictable? Perhaps the film itself be more surprising. It’s hard to see how, though. Way to tell us the whole movie in two and a half minutes, Universal… or at least to make it look like you did. Thanks.

Repo Men opens in the U.S. and Canada on March 19; no U.K. release date has been announced.

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  • jack the ripper

    I still want to see it !

  • Leslie Carr

    Is this is any way related to Repo! The Genetic Opera ?

  • I’m pretty sure the Repo! The Genetic Opera were pissed when they heard Universal was making it, and threatened to sue because they’d shopped the idea to Universal and got turned down. But you may want to verify before repeating, since I’m too lazy to Google it right now. B)

  • The Repo The Genetic Opera guys were tild “It’s too expensive to try to fight this” bu Lionsgate legal. And so they have politely asked that people NOT badmouth Universal or this production for being derivative or imitative.

    They prefer to see the movie fial on its own “merits” and see their continue into cult status. Which is as it should be.

  • Sarah

    Still and all, I want to know what the odds are that two different studios and production teams would simultaneously come up with ideas for movies about evil corporations that repossess organ replacements. It’s not exactly a ‘boy gets girl’ idea. And Repo! can document its exact genesis, with documentary footage of the original productions of the opera back in (I think) 2001 or so. So I’m inclined to think Universal is doing the ripping off, and everything about their version looks much more conventional and bland and crappy. Whereas Repo! was crappy in a SPECTACULAR way, and is one of my favorite MST3K films. This one will probably just die on the vine.

  • Fuggle

    If trailers don’t lie, it looks like it could be worth renting – decent acting, decent fighting, and some part of me is going “yay! Jude Law with knives vs. Forest Whitaker with a baton, in a hallway, (why can’t I make a workable clue reference), this could be pretty cool with competent choreography and editing!” …

    …I do hope trailers don’t lie, though. Repo! was superficial but vaguely catchy trash that completely ignored the interesting issues it raised and could have explored. If they’re selling a decently-written sci-fi drama on its few action bits (in the style of, say, Master & Commander in sci-fi pants) that actually did the sci-fi thing and investigated the sociocultural mutations of the fallout of this system, especially with an eye towards modern issues without bordering on the technophobic (“replacement organs are bad!”) or settling on the cheap and easy (“corporations with life-saving technology are bad because people do bad things for profit” as the full extent of its thesis) … I dunno. It COULD be good.

    But if they don’t go there it’ll be mammoth in its disappointment.

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