‘Caprica’ blogging: “The Imperfections of Memory”

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(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)
Ah, so all this Zoe-avatar stuff is about “resurrection.” “Zoe is the mother of life everlasting,” says Clarice — whoa. Is this where the notion came from, that we might all live forever after we die: from cyber tech and virtual worlds? Actually, if there’s gonna be a way of living forever, it probably will happen when we can download our consciousness (if it’s even doable) and can shuck our meatbodies. As long as we remember to back ourselves up once in a while.

Unless, of course, the V-afterlife is as unforgiving as the organic one. When you game-over in New Cap City, they’re not kidding: you’re done. (I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Joseph’s guide, the kid who is obsessed with the game, for getting “killed,” or if I should suspect that he might get himself a real life now. On the other hand, should we stop saying that the V-world isn’t real life after all? Oh, the paradigm play that’s going on in this show: I love it.)

See, cuz here’s Amanda, who once had “trouble coping with reality” and seems to be having that same trouble again. What’s real, anyway? Is this all laying the ground for Amanda to she freak the frak out for sure if/when she sees Zoe, in the V-world or somehow crossed back over into the real world (like via a skinjob body)? Or is the Darius she’s seeing some sort of avatar? Is he living forever in the V-world and has somehow found a way back? But that can’t be, though, right? The holoband technology isn’t that old…

Random thoughts on “The Imperfections of Memory”:

• I had to freeze-frame on the old letter than Amanda pulls out of the book after her bad dream, to see the address (it was from “Delphi Convalescent Institute”) and — I’d hoped — the stamp. I demand a future closeup on old Caprican postage stamps.

• The workman moving the memorial stuff recognizes Clarice as a “sister” — how? Does her awesome coat somehow signify “clerical” at a glance the way that, say, a priest’s collar would?

• How do Joseph and the Cap City addict kid get into the game together? Do people somehow slave their holobands together or something? Like how you can take your wii controller to a friend’s house and temporarily synchronize it will another console?

• All the shooting in New Cap City! It’s like Mafia Wars, but your Caprica-book status updates are a lot more serious.

• “Can’t we just fly?” Joseph is an old-style geek: he grew up on paper comic books and flat TV. He’s only just learning that pulp is now real, and has its own rules to follow. Somehow, though, I suspect he will tap into his inner Tauron and be just fine on his own in New Cap City…

• Doh! Daniel stole a broken chip from Vergis! (Abby Normal?)

• What’s the big deal about Geminon? Is it a hotbed of monotheism?

• The graffiti Joseph walks past in New Cap City: “This is not me, it’s just my body vehicle.” Pehaps Caprica should just be called Shucking the Meatbag

• It’s an “old saying” on Caprica (or throughout the colonies?) that “all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again”? Whoa.

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