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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

MaryAnn tonight is wearing…

…boxers by Hanes and a t-shirt by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Consider this your Oscars red carpet open thread.
7:30PM: It just occurred to me that until women’s eveningwear is as subdued as a man’s tuxedo, women will never be allowed to talk about just their work on the red carpet. Conversely, until men start dressing more adventurously for these things, they will never be subjected to endless questions about their clothes. Neither option is preferrable. I just wish that the way men and women are treated on the red carpet was a little more comparable.

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  • and i shall join you shortly, wearing navy blue cotton pants from dress barn and a charity t-shirt with the caption “If you can read this, you are a pope!” surrounding a photo of a now deceased author. my hair and makeup are done by dusty closet cleaning!

  • Josh C.

    Cue the inimitable Roger Ebert.

  • Martin Sane

    Do you have to return it tomorrow?

  • JoshDM

    What was that crap the smarmy costuming woman was wearing when she received her third oscar? Looked like a curtain from a tacky hotel room.


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