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question of the day: Which technical Oscar category interests you most?

Recently the members of the Online Film Critics Society discussed what technical race — that is, editing, production design, on so on — we follow with the most interest and which films we would have nominated. The critics’ responses are here. Now it’s your turn:

Which technical Oscar category interests you most?

Mine is probably the least technical of the technical categories: costume design. And I’m usually pretty angry at the nominees and winners, because it seems that, at least in recent years, the winners (and most of the nominees) tend to be for very pretty historical clothing. I wish that once in a while more fanciful work would be recognized. This year, the costumes for Fantastic Mr. Fox should have been nominated, for their beauty, cleverness, and — perhaps most importantly — tininess. That such touchably lovely clothes were produced on such a small scale surely deserves an award.

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  • Cori Ann

    Costumes and make-up are my favorites. Though I am always more curious about the winners of the technical awards in general than the winners of the other categories.

  • JoshB

    Special effects is an area of great interest to me, although sometimes this award seems more like Best Action Movie, which is not so interesting.

  • Brian

    I’m a sound geek in every way, so the sound awards are always of interest to me. And yes, I do know the difference between sound editing and sound mixing. :-)

  • Pollas

    None. Totally respect the talent required in these categories, but I usually don’t watch those awards.

  • I am also most interested in the costume design catagory. And I hate the fact that the sweeping period epic is always a shoo-in it’s like they don’t even try (the academy, not the designers).

  • Alli

    As a photographer, I’m most interested in Cinematography. HBP is my sentimental favorite this year, but I think the Hurt Locker might win this one. I also pay attention to Art Direction as well, though I think Avatar will win that award easily.

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