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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

rabbit ears in 2010

It’s back to the future, I guess:

I’m picking up ABC over the air now — not a sentence I would ever have expected to utter in the second decade of the 21st century — so I’ll be able to watch the Oscars tonight (no thanks to the whiny ass babies at ABC and Cablevision).

So I’ll be liveblogging some comments throughout the red carpet and ceremony on Twitter and Facebook, and will post stuff here intermittently too.

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  • its design is very retro-future. (sort of star trek-y, no?)

  • funWithHeadlines

    Why bother, it’s ABC, so it’s no loss whatsoever. If you want to know who wins Oscars, your twitter feed will give you that info instantly. If you want to watch the Oscars, watch it online for free (as least Roger Ebert says so, but I can’t get this link to resolve: http://techpp.com/2010/03/02/10-ways-to-watch-the-oscars-2010-live-online-for-free/

    I’m serious. Network TV is worthless. The good stuff comes online instantly, so you don’t miss anything.

  • funWithHeadlines
  • doa766

    I didn’t know those antennas worked with HDTVs

  • MaryAnn

    There’s no way AP is going to be streaming ABC’s coverage of the ceremony. No way in hell. Red carpet is different.

    I will be absolutely astonished if the ceremony is viewable online at all.

  • MaryAnn

    Why bother, it’s ABC, so it’s no loss whatsoever.

    Well, yeah, it is a loss. Maybe you don’t get it, funWithHeadlines, but I’m not just someone goofing around on the Net here. This is my business, my livelihood. If I couldn’t liveblog the Oscars — as they’re happening — on Facebook and Twitter, I’d be bypassing a lot of potential new exposure for this site to new readers. This is a big night for someone who writes about movies, and I could no more sit on the sidelines than a sports writer could sit out the Super Bowl and just be content to learn the final score later.

  • funWithHeadlines

    Yes, but my point is there is live streaming on the Net, live results on Twitter faster, etc. ABC can be routed around.

  • funWithHeadlines

    However, I do acknowledge your job situation, and I feel bad you had to work hard to get around this issue. I despise network television, but you have to cover it, so my antipathy cannot translate to your situation. My sympathy for getting caught up in this mess, and for living in a place where you do not have choice in providers (something that most people share).

  • Kenny

    I watched a live stream. The resolution wasn’t great, but since I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed at 1am-6am to go downstairs and watch it on Sky 1, I just opened my laptop and went to one of the links somebody put up here in one of the other threads.

    There were occasional annoying popups over the stream, but it was at least live and didn’t pause at any point to rebuffer.

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