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retro trailer: ‘Back to the Future’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Hot Tub Time Machine has got me nostalgic for this movie…

“Doctor Brown” just sounds wrong, doesn’t it? It’s Doc Brown…

Interesting, too, how this trailer features actual music from the actual movie. Usually, trailers are cut so far in advance of the completion of a film — and scoring a film is one of the last things that can be done — that trailers have to borrow music from elsewhere. I guess Huey Lewis got a long heads-up on this one.

Back to the Future is available on DVD in Region 1 from Amazon.com and from Amazon.ca and in Region 2 from Amazon U.K.

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  • Patrick

    Good trailer, but I like the BTTF teaser trailer where we get to see tracking shots of all the components of the DeLorean and the Flux Capacitor and then a mysterious female voice asks Marty: “So, how far are you going?” Marty: “About 30 years…”

    And do you think this movie (along with “Ghostbusters I”) will ever be given the same respect in cinematic circles as a bonafide film classics and not just pop hits from the 80s?

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