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retro trailer: ‘Lucas’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Ah, poor Corey Haim…

Lucas is available on DVD in Region 1 from Amazon.com and from Amazon.ca and in Region 2 from Amazon U.K.

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  • Dr. Rocketscience


    He’s dead. It’s sad, as sad as when anyone of little to no consequence dies.

    What has he been in the last 20 years but one half of the punchline of a joke about bad childhood actors?

    Feldman is correct to say he died broke and lonely, but there’s nothing “right” or “wrong” about that, that’s just life.

    There is no “plight” of former child actors. If they are “abandoned” by the public eye, it’s because a) the public is fickle (is this news?), and b) they never grow, either as actors (making themselves indispensable in their craft) or as people enough to realize it’s time to move on and find a way to sustain themselves.

    Lucas isn’t even a particularly memorable movie.

  • Hmmm. Lucas not memorable. Despite being the first movie to give us Winona Ryder? One of the few movies to give us a likable Charlie Sheen? One of the more memorable depictions of unrequited puppy love outside of Freaks and Geeks?…

    Ah, yes, Lucas isn’t that memorable a movie–to most people. But then you can say that about a lot of movies.

    Then again I still remember seeing this on cable in the mid-80s and being how pleasantly surprised it got right about that age–and how human it depicted characters who would have been just broad stereotypes in a John Hughes film.

    However, YMMV.

  • Plus any movie that can inspire an article like this can’t be all that unmemorable.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well, so much for my moment of levity. Thanks, Tonio. ;)

    Anyway, from the headlines the day after his death, I came to believe he’d only ever been in The Lost Boys and License to Drive.

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